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Predictive Dialers

Advanced Dial Mode

Whether its full predictive dialing, power dialing, or even manual dialing, our dialers are the perfect solution for any company, large or small.

Agent Monitoring

Our system allows you to “Barge-In” and listen to Agent’s calls, or “Whisper” to your agents and coach them without the customer hearing you.

Crystal Clear Calls

With call routing servers located in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Dallas, you are sure to have a crystal clear connecton to your customers.

Multiple Voice Connection Methods

With multiple connection options, our dialer is one of the easiest tools to use on the market. You can Dial-in, Dial-out, use VoIP/SIP, or use Google Talk.

Integrated CRM

With our simple-to-use CRM, your agents will be able to log notes on each call, schedule callback reminders, and assign contacts to specific agents in your company.


With real-time abandonment rate reporting and logging of dispositions, our dialers are 100% FTC/FCC compliant. Don’t risk your business by not being complient.

Increase Productivity

Switching to a predictive dialer can increase your productivity 300%


  • Advance Dial Modes
  • Multiple Connection Methods
  • Agent Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Crystal clear Calls
  • Switchboard Admin

Unlimited Calling

Single Agent


Perfect for one agent

  • Unlimitted USA/Canada Calling
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Multiple Agents

From $120/mo

For businesses with more than one agent

  • Unlimited US/Canada Calling
  • Discounts available for 5+ agents
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All Inclusive Plan


This is the best plan we offer!

  • Unlimited US/Canada Calling
  • Includes 15,000 Leads each month
  • Discounts available for 5+ agents
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